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LPA Today

LPA Today; specialises in the bespoke creation and professional registration of Health & Welfare + Property & Financial Affairs Lasting Powers of Attorney.
The professionally drafted LPA is a legal document setting out your wishes as to who will make decisions for you, should you lose mental capacity through accident or illness.

Correctly constructed, the LPA lays out how your Attorneys make decisions, as well as what decisions can be made - in line with your preferences and instructions.
Thereby protecting your future and your values.

So, when does a registered LPA take effect?
A health and Welfare LPA can only take effect once you have lost mental capacity and are no longer able to make your own decisions.
A financial decisions LPA can take effect before you lose the ability to make your own decisions, although you must give permission. If you don’t provide permission, your financial decisions LPA will simply take effect once you’ve lost mental capacity (just like a health and Welfare LPA).

Remember, when it's needed the most, it will be too late, as an LPA cannot be registered once there is doubt regarding mental capacity. The only route at that point will be through the Court of Protection, whereby a ‘Deputy’ will be appointed.
A costly and time-consuming process, with no guarantee of who will then act on your behalf.

The 2022 (ninth) edition of the Legal Practioner's title; "Cretney & Lush on Lasting and Enduring Powers of Attorney" lays out the Law for LPA's with 986, small print pages, of compelling reasons to have your LPA professionally created and registered, as a tailored legal instrument.

Professionally drafted LPA’s Do Not relinquish control, they provide You with control and protection.

Call LPA Today to start the process: 01608 644163