Christmas family quiz - questions & answers

Christmas family quiz - questions & answers

  1. In Christmas Carol what is the name of Bob Cratchit’s son?
  2. Which chess piece can only be moved diagonally?
  3. The first country to win the World Cup at football?
  4. The first football team to win both the FA Cup and the League in the same season?
  5. The shortest serving monarch of Britain?
  6. The third longest serving monarch of Britain
  7. Where does the President of the United States Live?
  8. Which King of England was killed by an arrow in the eye?
  9. Which vowel is the only letter not on the top row of a Querty key board?
  10. Who discovered Uranus?
  11. What was signed by King John at Runnymede in 1214?
  12. A film about a miner’s son who became a ballet dancer?
  13. An academic who captained England at cricket and football in addition to becoming the world long jump record holder?
  14. A Gloucestershire lad who played football and cricket for England?
  15. Who was caught trying to blow up the Houses of Parliament?
  16. From what tree do acorns grow?
  17. Once known as Peking?
  18. 40 – 40 in tennis?
  19. When do Christmas Day and New Year’s Day fall in the same year?
  20. Capital of Australia?
  21. Who painted the Mona Lisa?
  22. From which town did Joseph and Mary come before arriving in Bethleham?
  23. Who discovered Christmas Island?
  24. In which Judean city did the three wise men first visit in their search for Baby Jesus?
  25. In which year of the 1960’s did the Post Office introduce Christmas postage stamps?
  26. What is Father Christmas known as in France?
  27. Which socialist state officially ceased to exist on 25th December 1991?
  28. Name the angel that brought the news that Jesus was to be born to Mary?
  29. Which country donates a Christmas tree to London each year?
  30. Where does the Queen traditionally spend Christmas?
  31. Who composed “Auld Lang Syne”?


Answers to the Family Christmas Quiz

1. Hogmanay

2. Jacob Marley

3. William 1st

4. Bohemian Rhapsody
5. Dick Whittington

6. Germany

7. Babes in the Wood

8. Nine

9. Four
10. Tiny Tim

11. Bishop

12. Uruguay

13. Preston North End (1888/89)
14. Lady Jane Grey (9 days)

15. George 111 (1761 – 1820)

16. White House
17. Harold

18. Letter A

19. William Herschel

20. Magna Carta

21 Billy Elliott

22. C.B. Fry

23. Arthur Milton

24. Guy Fawkes

25. Oak tree

27. Deuce

28. Every Year

29. Canberra

30. Leonardo da Vinci

31. Nazareth

32. Captain Cook

33. Jerusalem

34. 1966

35. Pere Noel

36. USSR

37. Gabriel

38. Norway

39. Sandringham

40. Robbie Burns

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