Chill out & stay positive

Chill out & stay positive

We have been in lockdowns and received more than our fair share of stress and perhaps still wondering and worrying how to get away from the present problems that may be submerging us into another crisis. Here are 10 positive tasks we can do:

1 Watch something funny – Laughter is the best medicine that relieves physical tension, reduces stress. So, turn on and enjoy your favourite comedy.

2 Stop Multitasking – It is said that Napoleon would never multitask he always concentrated on problem at one time not allowing any outside interference. In modern day parlance do not text or speak on the phone while watching the tv. Discipline yourself by taking one task at a time. Multitasking increases the production of stress hormones (cortisol and adrenaline)

3 Get a Colouring Book – Colouring helps you chill out because it is very difficult to focus on other tasks when you are doing it.

4  Have a banana - When we’re stressed out our blood pressure tends to rise but the potassium found in bananas can help to regulate this. Stress can also leave us feeling drained, but bananas give you a replenishing energy boost that will get you swinging from the trees again!

5  A spoonful of honey - Mother nature’s delicious treat has compounds that reduce inflammation in the brain which can help improve a low mood. Bee happy… (sorry, couldn’t resist).

6 Listen to Music, Sing and Dance - Music can help build self-esteem, lift your mood and reduce anxiety.

7  Watch a nature documentary - Not only are David Attenborough’s dulcet tones particularly soothing, but nature documentaries can also sprinkle our minds with mood-lifting wanderlust and highlight the sheer scale of life which can in turn help us gain perspective of our own lives.

8  Breathe ‘Pranayama’ style - This yoga method requires you to breathe through one nostril at a time (inhale through the left by blocking the right, exhale through the right by blocking the left, repeat for 3 minutes) to relieve stress. Weird but wonderful!

9 Drink hot water - Learn from the tradition of Chinese healing and drink a cup of good, clean hot water. It may not be as delicious as a hot chocolate, but it will cleanse your system of toxins that have accumulated in the body and may be causing tension.

10 Support someone else - Moving your attention outside yourself can help take the pressure of the stresses in your own life and supporting others can also give you valuable insight for how to redress your issues. Seeing the impact, you make in that person’s life will also boost your self-esteem which in turn, can help de-stress.

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