WKHC Celebrates 100th Robotic Joint Surgery

WKHC Celebrates 100th Robotic Joint Surgery

Consultant Orthopaedic Robotic Hip and Knee Surgeon Mr Nadim Aslam, has recently performed a personal milestone of his 100th Mako robotic-assisted joint replacement after carrying out a total knee replacement operation on Mrs Hilary Fowler.

Mrs Fowler was confident in selecting RoboDoc, Mr Nadim Aslam for her procedure, saying: "I had previously undergone a successful operation by Mr Aslam many years ago, so I had no hesitation in entrusting him with my robotic knee replacement. Several of my friends have been his patients before, making it an obvious choice. He is truly a remarkable man! Being his 100th robotic patient was an exciting experience."

A 3D CT scan was performed, creating an exact virtual model of Hilary’s unique anatomy, enabling us to plan and tailor the surgical procedure to achieve an accurate and perfect fit for the joint replacement.

This incredibly high level of detail improves the fitting of hip and total knee implants which therefore leads to better joint functionality and reduced post-operative pain. Compared to traditional surgery, robot-assisted surgery has been proven to significantly reduce pain after surgery, allow a faster recovery in early knee movement, and perform joint replacement surgery with more accuracy.

RoboDoc, Mr Nadim Aslam, who has pioneered the introduction of the Mako system at Spire South Bank Hospital said: "This has been an incredible journey, from our very first procedure in January to now, marking my 100th procedure in just seven months. The feedback from patients has been nothing short of astounding. They have reported exceptional outcomes, remarkably fast return to work or being able to do the things they love, and unmatched levels of satisfaction."

The expertise of Mr Nadim Aslam, combined with the advancements offered by the robotic assisted arm, have significantly had positive outcomes.


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