What's your beef?

What's your beef?

For many foodies, the steaks are certainly high when it comes to choosing quality produce and fine foods to grace their dining tables. And rightly so, we say! So look no further than the Cotswold Meat Company, in particular its latest collaboration with award-winning PGI West Country Choice beef.

Whether it’s a romantic steak night for two (we’ll have ours rare, with peppercorn sauce please!) or a super Sunday roast where a delicious beef joint takes centre-stage; PGI West Country Choice beef from the Cotswold Meat Company promises to deliver a truly memorable dining experience – especially as the produce has recently been awarded a number of stars in this year’s Great Taste Awards. PGI West Country Choice dry aged rib on the bone was awarded an incredible two stars, recognition of outstanding quality and taste!

Speaking about the Company’s latest partnership, Nick Passmore, Owner, Cotswold Meat Company says:

“Whether you’re a chef or chef at heart, the Cotswold Meat Company is delighted to now be a supplier of such prime PGI West Country Choice beef, which bears the prestigious PGI mark. We’re consciously invested and committed to working with carefully selected independent British farms and artisan breeders, which is why we’re so pleased to be able to supply premium quality beef which really delivers a truly authentic taste of the West Country.
The PGI accreditation (Protected Geographical Indications) represents how the animals are born and raised on assured farms, and finished in one of the six counties of the West Country – either Cornwall, Devon, Dorset, Gloucestershire, Somerset or Wiltshire. Cattle reared in these traditional farming regions of the West Country are free to roam and graze on fertile pastures. They must enjoy at least a 70% forage based diet from the West Country’s luscious pastures – areas of grazing which are enriched by the natural seasoning of the wind and rain of the North Atlantic, which results in the beef’s delicious, unique taste and flavour. Reared to a maximum of 36 months, only the best animals are hand-selected for PGI West Country Choice beef – this ensures consistent, premium quality, tender and flavoursome meat.”

Authenticity is guaranteed with PGI West Country Choice beef from the Cotswold Meat Company. What is more, the meat is naturally low in cholesterol and trans-fats; naturally rich in the proteins, iron and zinc; naturally high in vitamins B and E, and Omega 3; and naturally high in the minerals, calcium and potassium.

Choose from a full range of fresh cuts, which can be delivered locally by refrigerated vehicle; or nationally throughout the UK, using a reputable courier service.

The Cotswold Meat Company is based in Ashton Keynes, Wiltshire. For further information, including full product range and to place your order, please visit www.cotswoldmeatcompany.co.uk or call 01285 862498.

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