Presence - the truth of yoga

Presence - the truth of yoga

How to describe the practice of yoga? It’s fun…it’s challenging…it’s a healthy pursuit…Yes, all of that, but don’t forget those precious few minutes at the close of a yoga session when you lie down on your mat, close your eyes, and experience the deep peace of physical and mental relaxation. Did someone say peace? Where does that come from? Well, it’s a fact that when your body is truly still, even your eyes, then your mind stops its habitual spinning and quietly calms down. Worries and thoughts simply fall away, and you realise that this moment – this Now moment – is a wonderful place to be.

Are you considering trying yoga for the first time? Perhaps you have heard something about its benefits. If, for example, you are keen to lose weight then the practice of certain postures can help you achieve your goal. Similarly, if you are underweight, the practice can help strengthen and build you up. So, if you want to change your shape, give it a try. Yoga can also help you to breathe more deeply, and that helps to improve the colour and texture of your skin.

Yet there is much more to yoga. We have already mentioned the peace of this Now moment and Ruth White’s book, though making reference to yoga postures, seeks to take you to a deeper, more spiritual understanding. That is the core of the book.


About the author

Ruth White was experiencing chronic back problems when she ‘fell at the feet of a Master’, namely B.K.S. Iyengar.  He was holding small yoga classes in London in the 1960s and it was here that he showed Ruth how to work to be free of pain.  So inspired was she by his teaching that she followed him to India.  After training with him in Pune she returned to England to set up her first yoga centre yet has continued to visit India over the years both to teach and study.

During an international career she has trained over 1000 teachers, written regularly for magazines and journals, appeared on radio and television and made yoga DVDs.  She believes we are on the threshold of an important beginning. ‘Fifty years ago you could barely talk openly about enlightenment, meditation and spiritual awareness,’ she explains, ‘but now the picture is quite different.  People are ready to move on to a wider level of awareness.  We are waking up.’

Presence – the Truth of yoga reflects the insight Ruth has gained through her many years’ experience as a yoga practitioner and teacher. She shows how, besides it physical and health benefits, yoga can help us transcend our limiting beliefs and habits. Further, she explores her passion for the path of consciousness and her dedication to the endless, silent presence that exists forever beyond the movements of the linear mind. All of this she shares with her light and innocent clarity and humour.

So, whether you are a lifelong yogi, a teacher or student of yoga, or if you have never even considered bending down to touch your toes, there is wisdom in this book for everyone.


Ruth White teaches local yoga classes around Oxfordshire – All abilities welcome

You don't have to be "good" at yoga to join my classes.

Just come with an open mind and work wholeheartedly and with full attention - You will be quite safe.

Contact or 07587 140032

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